A Love Letter

I can’t imagine doing this life with anyone but you. You, my partner in marriage, parenthood, and life.



However, while G was “working out” with me, he would quit, and say, “I can’t do this.” “I fell down, I can’t do it anymore.” “I don’t feel good.” And it broke my heart, because I know exactly where he heard those things. 


Sprinkles of Happiness

This morning, like every other school day, I turned on my computer, opened Outlook and Chrome, and went to start my day. However, I was met with the message in Chrome, “Slides has been removed. Docs has been removed. Rebecca.Taylor has been removed.” Okay…weird.

Rebecca Taylor is an add-on in Chrome that gives a colorful background on tabs and the home screen. I added it on, probably my first year of teaching. So, thinking it was a fluke, I went to add something colorful on again. Nope. Blocked by admin.

Now, first of all, I am not complaining. Because, it’s the school’s property, and I still have access to email, music, and probably social media if I tried.

But. I didn’t realize how much that splash of color affected my mood. I look at my computer now, and it’s just…blah.

Which got me thinking. What little things do we do that affect our happiness in little ways?

For me, obviously, it’s color. I like color. My classroom has colorful posters, my desk is filled with colorful sticky notes. And, up until today, my computer had a hidden splash of color as well.

Another way I try to keep my sanity throughout the day is by listening to music. I don’t love silence, and while it would be rare in my classroom anyhow, I enjoy having music playing softly on my computer.

Inspirational quotes, color, favorite music, sweet smells, alphabetized books or movies. These are things I do to add a sprinkle of happiness into my day.

What do you do?

The Strong One

My husband took my face in his hands this morning and told me he’s angry. “I’m mad because my strong, beautiful wife seems to be giving up.” And he cried. 



However,  I did decide to make a list of goals for 29, because, well why the fuck not?


What Ifs and If Onlys

I left feeling a little like high school Caylee: more anxious, less sure of myself.
But, I also came home with a renewed sense of awareness for how lucky I am to have my husband in my life.