It’s All Over

It’s all over.

Well, grad school anyhow.

I’m waiting on one grade, then I can really breathe a sigh of relief.

At this, point, I’m somehow both relieved and exhausted. I’ve gone to bed around 8 the past two nights. I can’t make myself do grading.

And as much as I want to say that I’m going to have a relaxing next sixish weeks (until my due date!) We have so much to do: baby clothes washing, cleaning carpets, deep-cleaning the house, packing hospital bags, packing the diaper bag, SO MUCH STUFF!

And…I’m pretty sure I started having contractions yesterday. Which is pretty on-par with my first pregnancy. I started having contractions, dilating, and effacing at 34.5 weeks…soooo. We just started half a week early this time?

Hospital bags are now a priority.

I wish that I could turn the energy that I expended on grad school toward all the other stuff that needs done, but fuck. I just can’t.

I want to sleep for the next….year? And, yes, the irony of saying that with a baby on the way isn’t lost on me. I’m just fucking drained, man.

But…either way. I’m done with grad school. Done. I will never be a college student of any kind again.

It is a relief.

And. Baby Boy 2 will be here before we know it.

My life looks pretty good right now.

Oh, my Aching…Everything?

I, like so many other people, get migraines. When I was younger it was maybe one or two a year. Now, I think it’s on about a monthly basis.

Probably stress. *Picture me nonchalantly studying my nails here.*

So, I’m just coming off of day two, which is way better than day one. And you know what? The damn world isn’t stopping for me.

And I really need it to. Because all this computer time, and noisy high schoolers, and screaming toddler is not helping the ache in my head. (Of course, I realize I’m typing my blogpost on a computer, I never pretend to be that smart.)

The worst thing is, that this migraine has knocked me back about five steps in terms of eating habits and moving.

Last night, I came home, did homework, went to bed at 8. Tonight, I came home, working on homework, eating shit food, drinking soda because hopefully the caffeine will make the pounding stop, going to bed by 9 at the latest.

I hate that this happens. I hate that I let it.

Not the migraine, that’s unavoidable to a point. But that I let it affect my life so much. That I don’t take good enough care of myself to realize it’s coming and get ahead of it. That I’m currently eating a candy bar while sitting on my kitchen floor surrounded by grad school books.

Adulthood, it’s the shits man.